The Eclipse (El Eclipse)
Autor: Augusto Monterroso

Intercultural project in Spanish, German and English at the IAG

A very special project was the “cherry on top” this school year. In addition to the usual routine all Austrian schools abroad carried out an intercultural project in which all the languages taught at the respective schools and most of the subjects were involved. So it goes without saying that also the IAG participated.

The English department worked on two things here: Astrid Müller elaborated several sketches with the students of 6C primaria to guarantee some entertainment and fun. I dedicated myself to translating the short story The Eclipse (El Eclipse) by the Guatemalan writer Augusto Monterroso from Spanish into English. It narrates the encounter of a Spanish priest with a group of indigenous people in the Guatemalan jungle, who eventually sacrifice him. With the help of Mr Fernando Mencos, who specializes in acting and performing, the students of IV A Bachillerato eagerly adapted this literary work onto the stage, taking on the roles of actors, props, costumes and stage decoration designers and of course sound and light experts for some “special effects” during the performance.

Apart from the cultural value and the fun that we all had while preparing this short play, it can also be regarded as yet another contribution to marking the end of an era according to the Mayan culture, the 13th B´aktun.

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