On the 16th of February our English class went the Hospital Roosevelt. Some weeks before, we had collected soft toys in every class of the IAG. It was amazing how many people wanted to help the children.

When we arrived, there we gave the toys to the mothers of the babies and the kids themselves. They were so happy, even if some of them were very ill, but at that moment that was not important. Some mothers were glad when they saw their children smile and that made us happy, too.

There were children lying in bed or connected to tubes and that made me wonder if my life is really as hard as I had thought it was. We are very lucky to be healthy and that is something that we often don’t appreciate. This experience made us understand the reality of the people in Guatemala, which we hardly ever consider. We would like to thank our English teacher, Ms Renate Melcher, to make this amazing experience possible.

Raquel Quinonez

On Wednesday the 16th we, the II AB, went to the hospital Roosevelt with our teacher, Ms Melcher. Two weeks before we had gone to all the classes of our school and asked the students for soft toys and we gave them a candy in return. For me, if there was a winner for bringing most toys, it was “Kinder”. On the first day we couldn`t even bring all the bags to the storeroom.

When we arrived at the hospital, we were divided into 4 groups and each of us had to go to a different floor. The kids received a lot of toys and we received a lot of smiles. Although it was sad seeing the kids suffering, we also enjoyed making the kids happy for a while. In the emergency room there were three kids, and we played with them and made jokes about the toys and what names they would get. Another funny thing was that there were a lot of people who asked us for toys, saying like: ”Please, one for my son”, “Please, one for my neighbor’s son”.

For me the saddest moment was when we went to the intensive care unit. The doctor told us that the kids who were younger than 3 months only had a 30% chance of survival.

I think it was a really good project, and I hope we can do it again!!


On the 16th of February we had the opportunity to make lots of children smile. The II Basico A and B went to the Hospital Roosevelt with lots of toys for babies, girls, boys and even for a school, which has been in the hospital since 1976.

Two friends and I were in the area where the school was, where we could see kids of different ages, different diseases and ways of thinking. We were supposed to give the soft toys to the girls, but even some boys wanted girls’ toys.

It was incredible to see how kids reacted when we came in to give them some toys. They wanted everything, especially a dog and a big soft toy. We couldn’t say no, because they asked for it kindly. They were very tender.

Then we went to Niņo Sano, where the doctors check that the patients are doing well on their growth and development. We had a really wild experience there because everybody was fighting for everything; they wanted more and more and more.

After being in Niņo Sano, we went to the maternity wards, to give the mothers a special soft toy for their babies and not-yet-born babies. They were really happy to have us there. Some of them were very young and some of them were not.

We came to school with a big smile, with lots of stories and the feeling of having accomplished something wonderful for some people who need love and support.

Anneliss Wohlers