Schüler machen Schule


Thanks to all of you we can donate Q 6431 to David and the Foundation of Remar and give an extra donation of Q 1000 for David.

You were a great team and with your help and that of your parents we proved that even the rain can’t stop us from showing solidarity with those who need us.

So I am taking my hat off to your great talents and your willingness to share them with others.

Guatemala will certainly have a better future if it is in your hands.

I would also like to thank our headmaster for giving us the opportunity and supporting us in everything , the mantenimento, who prepared the gym and cleaned up for us, and many teachers who helped us with preparations (Ingrid Castro, Roxy, Luana) , Victor Taracena and Robert Karner , who helped to supervise the activity, many teachers who donated money or other things and those who came and shared the experience , Haroldo Taylor, Luis Alvorado and Jose Manuel Rivera, who entertained us with music, the dancers from Escuela Cubana de Salsa, all the parents who helped that nobody had to stay hungry or thirsty and, of course, you all , the great students of the IAG!

Sincerely yours,

 Renate Melcher