Mensaje de los alumnos en inglés:


Dear consul Caceres, Mr. Baaz, directors, teachers, parents and friends,

 A few days ago we got together with the plan of writing an elaborate speech, and we had a few ideas as to what to say. We thought we’d just sit down and write structure paragraphs and give some logic to our ideas. But instead we sat down and spent 2 complete hours talking.

 Everything began with a few random thoughts and opinions, then it became a specific topic that we discussed and we ended up talking about many things we had learnt not from school, but in school. And we realized it was much more than we had actually thought it was.

 It is very likely that the best memories you as teachers have of us as a united group are when we asked for things we wanted, for example, having tests postponed, begging for NO homework or fighting to get something we wanted like our Maifest. (which we never really got). Probably not the best way to do it, but never were we so united as in those moments.

 At school we were not directly taught how to live our lives moment by moment, many things seemed insignificant to us, but today we see that everything influenced who we are today. We might have complained about too much studying or too much homework, but we acquired a discipline that not many people have. We achieved goals that at a given moment seemed impossible, such as studying for six different subjects packed with information for our maturas. But after two months of hard work we accomplished what many of us had considered to be a mission impossible, namely graduating from this demanding school.

 Tomorrow we may look back at school as something that some of us did or did not really enjoy. Some might leave with better memories than others, but in the end, what each one of us experienced here is a GREAT part of who we are today. We spent about 30 hours a week together, that means 1140 hours a year and if you consider that, we spent 14 years together, that’s nearly two complete years of real time together. A little bit more than we would have imagined. And if you spend that amount of time together, you are bound to develop great relationships.

 Many things we lived through during these 14 years we may never come to comprehend. Why certain relationships ended, why many fell apart. But what we are certain of, is that, through all our struggles and everything that happened, we always had someone to lean on. A caring hand that would pull us up or a shoulder we could cry on. Each one of us found at least one friend here, one TRUE friend that we know we can depend on forever.

 If we talk about important friends, probably many of us think of Patrick. Someone who was natural, always himself, always happy, thus also bringing happiness to others. He always had a unique way of supporting and encouraging people to do whatever they wanted, like a true friend, unless of course it had to do with the Barcelona Football Team, which, as most of us know, he wasn’t very fond of.

 Today you see each of us here and many of you know what we’ve been through, but that is just a small piece of what we have experienced in these last 14 years. We’ve all worked very hard, some maybe harder than others. Despite so much hard work, we cannot say we made it all alone. We had much support from others, not only our friends and classmates, but also our parents and teachers. We would like to thank you for your help through all these years. We know sometimes we might have upset and annoyed you, but you always believed in us and you helped to give us strength to move on. So now after so much effort, sacrifice and dedication we have made it. We are here together, as one.

Congratulations Class of 2010.

 Thank you.