St Valentine’s Visit to the Pediatric Department of the Roosevelt


We often read in the newspapers articles about children who have had an accident or have a disease, but seeing the pictures that are shown in the newspapers is not the same as seeing them in reality. This reality is what makes us thankful for what we have got.
Just like four years before, a group of English students collected toys in both schools Colegio Viena and Instituto Austriaco, to give them to the children in the pediatric section of the Roosevelt Hospital as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

We want to thank all the parents and children who collaborated!!!!!!!!!! Thank-you!!!!

February 9th was the day we went to the Roosevelt Hospital. When we arrived at the hospital we were expected by a doctor, father of one of our colleagues at the Austriaco, who told us what to do when visiting the children.
As we were going through the corridor of the hospital, we saw what these children had to go through. Many of them had some serious diseases, some of them had their whole body burnt or even an arm or leg imputed.
Seeing the
smile on their faces when we gave them a toy was a special moment for each one of us. It made us realize that it is not the quantity or the size which is important; what’s more important is the intention.
In name of all the ones involved in the project I want to thank all the people that helped us to give the children a special day. I want to thank Mrs Fadinger and her English group II. Básico AB for letting me take part.

Erik Moscoso


Another point of view:

I think it was not only a good experience for one of us, but for all of us. We learned a lot by doing this project. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces was a really good feeling. And singing for them and their parents, who have to wait, help and hope, was something you don’t do every day, so you feel really proud of yourself.

I must say I really enjoyed seeing those children smiling…………….
I hope next year we’ll repeat this project..

Tania Pilz


A teacher’s opinion:

When I came to Guatemala about four years ago I had many ideas and I wanted to help Guatemalan society (I still do!)  So when I heard that “El Día del Cariňo” was such a great event not only in our school, but in the whole country, my idea was born. My first English group helped me to organize it. For example, Tati was the one who gave me several tips and Tati, Jessica, Julio, Dani, Kurt, Cathi, Malu, Edgar and Alejandro were the ones who helped me. Without a team such a project cannot be realized! And I really believe in team-work! Parents - students - teachers and of course the administration of the Austriaco!!!
The first time we went to the Hospital San Juan de Dios! When we arrived there we were not allowed to enter, because nobody was responsible. So we drove back to school and we were very disappointed! It was a shock!
Roosevelt Pediatric Department! We have to contact the Roosevelt! Claudita our wonderful secretary at the Austriaco, made the phone calls, wrote letters and about two weeks later we were able to give all the toys “Peluches” to the children and to parents at the Roosevelt.
My students get to know another world in Guatemala and are exhausted after each visit and I am happy but depressed!!!  Being confronted with a world you don’t usually see, smell and touch makes you realize that you just can’t look aside. This is also
our world!!

Monika Fadinger