Mensaje de los alumnos: En inglés: Karen María Girón y Stephanie Marie Rolz

Honorable Mr.Baaz, honored teachers and administrative staff, dear parents and fellow students.

This journey, the journey we will remember throughout our lives, has been memorable for each and every person sitting on this side of the gymnasium, not for the big accomplishments in the end but for its little details that have made our lives not only joyful but colorful as well.

As we stand here, this is the end of our journey together. It’s unavoidable to think of how it started. It’s impossible to condense 14 years of happiness, challenges and friendship in a speech.

Let’s start with being honest, we don’t remember our first day of school, and there are many other moments we don’t have as present as we would like to. Still, countless memories will forever reside in our hearts.

Our time together can be described as a highway. During these last five years, we’ve all traveled and encountered forks  and crossings along the way, mainly personal and academic difficulties. There were times when we felt that one of our tires was flat, and we felt unable to move forward.

We both speak for the two classes of 2007, when we say that we will not be complete until we all have our diplomas. Our hearts are with those whose tires are temporarily flat, we admire the strength it takes to get up and continue after falling. Our hearts are also with Ms Heilmann.

A woman who doesn’t know defeat, and wasn’t only a teacher who lightened the load for us, but also enlightened our road. Thank you!

Today we are here as a proof that we did move on, that we were able to change those flat tires. We overcame those late-night study sessions, and those exams and revisions that sometimes seemed impossible.

We’ve also encountered detours, deviations and distractions: those roads we have chosen and never thought we’d take. And we certainly never expected the amazing friendships we have built up, the valuable lessons we have learned.

School wasn’t only bumpy roads and detours; it was more an extraordinary experience. Fortunately, what we keep closest to our hearts, are the moments that made us cry... of laughter.

Nothing can measure up to our most famous inside jokes. We will always be remembered as “The Jungle”: the unusually-behaving, machete-inspiring, never dehydrated Jungle. Semana Rural and Maturareise are the perfect examples of our true definition. 

There was never a dull moment with us. Classes were bursting with highly creative nicknames, video-recorded waves while the teacher was looking away, our question mark faces while trying to understand Mr Hainz’s “elegant” math problems. Of course Mrs Mendoza’s relaxation exercises always preceded exams and will always be remembered dearly. Now that we’re leaving, the secundaria will have full lunchboxes and the machete won’t be used as frequently.

In the name of the whole Jungle we would like to thank our traffic lights: parents and teachers. Green and red lights that made us either stop and reflect or motivated us to act instinctively.

Friends that helped us find the right direction on this journey, thank you all for being our maps.

A further important aspect while traveling together, was the constant presence of hitchhikers. Not exactly to the galaxy but towards our common goal. Specially this year, we grew much closer. Study groups grew larger by the minute as the exam drew nearer. The phone bills reflected the frequent phone calls just to show that unconditional support, pain and joyful moments were experienced as a team.

Today we stand at the first of our finish lines in life. We all come from the same starting point, we have all traveled the same distance, and are ready for the future since we’ve gathered the same tools. From today on, every single one of us will choose our own destination considering our diploma a license to seek whatever our heart desires. 

Always remember who you are and where you’re from, never underestimate your potential.

Yes, thousands of students have graduated from this school, and thousands will sit on these same chairs. WHAT WILL MAKE US DIFFERENT? What will make us unique?

Let’s make our lives count. Keep in mind that the sky is the limit, dare to dream big. This next journey consists of many steps. A lot of steps forward, and some steps backward. A couple of leaps and a few moments of standing still. The road ahead of us consists of many steps. This is our first one:  MAKE IT COUNT. 

Thank you!

 by Karen Girón and Stephanie Rolz  VB