Mensaje de los alumnos: En inglés: Juan Sebastián Estrada Vasquez 


Sehr geehrter Herr Sektionschef, Sehr geehrter Herr Ministerialrat
Sehr geehrte Frau Botschafter, Mister Baaz,
Principals, teachers, parents and friends,

We stand here today after 14 years of struggle, tears, laughter, and effort to commemorate the ending of the most beautiful, emotional and gratifying experience of our lives. Although it was long ago I can still remember playing in the sandboxes with my friends, walking down the track for the Laternenfest, dancing at our 6th grade party and exploring that hidden mountain with Mr. Ebner during semana rural. Each one of these experiences taught us many new things and step by step brought our lives closer together.  

It is very strange how during our time in school, we all know that someday our graduation day will come, however nothing can prepare you for the big day. It is a waterfall of emotions which are impossible to control,  an overwhelming feeling of combined happiness and sadness, tears and laughter but above all success. 

This is not supposed to be a sad speech but it is hard not to get emotional, when for some of us this will be our last meeting. To those who fell behind I wish them nothing but the best in what is to come and hopefully they will not remember school as a bad experience, but as what school actually was for all of us. It is only at times like these when we stop seeing the surface of things and try to find the true meaning of something special. 

The time has finally come my friends, time to face life on our own, meet new people and find new loves but please don’t make the mistake of believing that just because we will not be together anymore our friendship will end. I have confidence in all of you and always remember that if we work hard enough to get something we will get it. I am positive that when we meet again maybe ten years from now, our bond will have grown much stronger and all the dreams we have been talking about will have been accomplished.

In the name of all my friends I would like to thank all the teachers who have always tried to show us the correct path and with effort and sometimes anger finally brought us to the next important step in our lives. our parents, for whom the deepest parts of our hearts are reserved. you have always been there for us. We dedicate our success to you.

Finally thank you graduating class of 2005 for 14 years of happiness, trust, friendship and support. None of this would have been the same with a friendship like ours.

 Now I would like to read a small poem I wrote about my friends.

F  ourteen wonderful years have finally come to an end.
R  ather than cry, we should all laugh and celebrate.
I   n the deepest of our hearts this experience will remain,
E  xperience which even if we tried we would not be able to explain.
N othing without my friends will ever be the same,
D reams we built together are worth more than all the fame.

So this is where our journey together ends, good luck to all my friends

 Thank you.